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Fit Academy's 4 week Commit to fit Challenge

Get ready for your mid summer meltdown! This program is for those who are serious about losing weight, building lean muscle, and feeling better than they ever have before. The next Commit to Fit Challenge is a 21 Day Challenge and starts on Wednesday October 24th with a kick-off meeting at the studio at 7pm. Now available both in person and with virtual coaching, its never been easier to get started! 

Here are some key highlights about the program: 


Torch Calories

Burn 500-1000 calories with dynamic and smart workouts that are focused on building lean muscle and torching fat! 



Eat Smart

NEW: Dedicated 4 week eating plan specific to you, access to nutritionists,  and more! Maximize your fitness results with a proven low carb, high protein eating plan to keep you fueled!


Social Accountability 

Fitness is better when done together! You will never be alone during this fitness journey as you will be progressing with like-minded people towards a common goal! 

The Voice of The Customer!

Real People, Real Results!

these are just from 21 days...wait until you see the 4 week results!

Contact us to sign up for the 4 week commit to fit Challenge to get in the best shape of your life!!

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