Enroll your child in our structured 6-8 week training program for local student athletes ages 13-18. Each session is coached by certified fitness professionals who were all former collegiate or professional athletes that understand what it takes to make it to the next level. The athlete development program (ADP) focuses on developing the athlete’s, explosion, strength, agility, and coordination while mentoring participants on the importance of being a student before an athlete. Prepare your child for athletic and academic success from high school and into college by training with Fit Academy! The ADP is open to all sports and is available for both boys and girls. 


 Learn, Develop, Excel

Learn, Develop, Excel

Why Choose Us?

Local Means Savings

We are centrally located in Philadelphia, saving you time and money, while maximizing availability.

A Strong Start

Give your athlete the competitive advantage with a strong off season strength and conditioning program. 

Maximize Your Athletes Potential 

Our goal is to increase the overall athleticism of your athlete through comprehensive fitness programming and  a more personal 8:1 athlete to coach ratio.

Results Drives Success

Fitness and performance results in the gym are then proven during game days through wins and recognition. 


6 week program 3 sessions per week = $270

8 week program 3 session per week = $360

Schedule and Start Dates

Sessions will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3 p.m. at the Fit Academy studio 

Start dates for Fit Academy's ADP training: June 26th and July 3rd

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