At Fit Academy we are dedicated to delivering an outstanding and unique fitness experience, as well as building strong relationships within our fit fam! 


Angela P. Even after a few workouts with Fit Academy, I feel muscles forming and inches melting away from those stubborn areas we all hate! Love working out with people who have the same goals as me!

One Tribe One Vibe! 

Ali J.The absolute best work out in Philly. After having my work outs scheduled for me through college sports, I found it very hard to motivate myself to work out when I got home from work. Fit Academy boot camp makes me want to get back in shape. Osayi makes the work outs tough, but it is up to you to challenge yourself. The group of people is amazing and has a team-like spirit, which helps to motivate coming back multiple times a week and work hard. I feel like I'm back to playing sports and I can't miss practice. I highly, highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for something different with a motivational coach and a great group of people. You also can't beat working out outside at the Art Museum!

Fitness is Better Together!

Cassandra W.Osayi is motivational without being too intimidating. This is a great academy for anyone interested in switching it up, but it's also great for first-timers. He really takes the time to make sure everyone is comfortable and knows what they are doing. Beyond the killer workout you get, I've met some amazing people. It's an awesome way to network with other Philadelphians!

Angeline P. - The best boot camp and trainer around. Osayi keeps things interesting, motivates you to push yourself & reach higher goals, and brings out the inner athlete in everyone.


Don't Stop! Keep it Up!

Alex B.Fit Academy and Osayi has been the greatest work out experience since the time I played competitive team sports. It is a combination of circuit training, cardio, abs and body weight plyometrics. Plus it is fun! I have made new connections and friends who make showing up each time something I look forward too! Osayi is accommodating to any injuries and people's different abilities. His energy is contagious and so is the groups. Best work out at the art museum in the city hands down!

Because I Will! 

Bjorg H. - A couple of months ago I was working out by myself at the Art Museum and saw a group of people having a whole lot more fun than I was and crushing a workout that made me jealous. I joined and now I'm hooked. If you're wanting a little push to bring out the old (new?) athlete in you, you won't be disappointed. Team spirit, positivity, fresh air, nice view, and creative workouts... Worth it every time!

Corrine V. - Best boot camp in Philly! Always a great workout that changes each class so it never becomes routine or boring. Definitely get much more out of the boot camp classes than I would doing an individual workout! Fit Academy brings together a great group of people that actually have fun while getting in a good workout too. I would definitely recommend to a friend!

Lauren S. - It's great way to get in shape and have FUN while your doing it! I can definitely see a difference!

John W. - If you're an ex-athlete, or just want to feel like one, this is the boot camp for you. Get's you crazy fit, fast.

Amber G. - The best boot camp & social group in Philadelphia!


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