Enroll your child in our structured 6 week summer training program for local student ages 10-16. Each session is coached by certified fitness professionals who were all fitness experts, collegiate athletes or professional athletes that understand what it takes to develop the skills needed for performance and healthy living. The Youth Fit Program focuses on developing the child's functional movement,  explosion, strength, agility, and coordination. With this program your child will learn the foundations of functional fitness and nutrition, in a safe and fun environment guaranteed to deliver results. Fit Academy's Youth Fit Program is available for both boys and girls. 


Learn, Develop, Excel

Learn, Develop, Excel

Why Choose Us?

Being Local Means Savings

We are centrally located in Philadelphia, saving you time and money, while maximizing availability.

Perfect for kids of any age and any fitness level.

A Strong Start

Give your child a jump start with health and fitness with a strong youth program focused on education, performance and fun.

Kids build friendships though fitness and team based experiences.


6 week program 3 sessions per week = $399

Schedule and Start Dates

Sessions will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3 p.m. at the Fit Academy studio 

Start dates for Fit Academy's Youth Fit Program: July 2nd

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