About Fit Academy

In the spring of 2014, Fit Academy started out as one of the cities most organic fitness groups in the Art Museum area. Owner and Co-founder Osayi Osunde started it within his personal network of friends within the city who wanted to train “like an athlete”. It began with 8 friends, a set of resistance bands, agility ladders, cones, and the “Rocky Steps”. Since then, Fit Academy is now the most dynamic fitness company in Philadelphia. The workouts are the perfect balance between sports driven exercise, full body plyometrics, cardio, and high intensity interval training. All of this is packaged in an environment that promotes having fun, networking and sharing fitness experiences! 



Here is a bit more about our coaches! 

Osayi Osunde MS, ACE, KB ATH LV 1, TRX, NPC, LTS

owner: Fit Academy

Osayi Osunde is the Owner and Co-founder of Fit Academy, American Council of Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer, 4X Best of Philly Trainer (Philly Mag, Philly Current, Philly Happening Mag) Red Bull Opinion Leader, (NPC) competitor,  nationally published fitness model for Under Armour, NFL, a former captain of the world champions Team USA IFAF National Football Team, former NFL Football player for the Green Bay Packers,  and captain of the 2009 Villanova University National Championship Football Team.  He focuses his training sessions on engaging his clients, connecting people, and motivating them through a variety of fitness modalities that are fun yet challenging. Osayi believes fitness is both mental and physical and lives by the moto, "Think Fit/ Live Fit". 

Instagram: @osunde23

Fun Fact: Childhood nickname is Fatz and hes met President Barak Obama

Favorite exercise: Bench press


Marko Nestorovski KB ATH LV 1, GRIT


Marko is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) and is Les Mills GRIT certified. His focus is on a combination of functional movements, high intensity training and weight lifting to mold stronger, fitter, more mobile clients. His fitness journey started when he lost nearly 100 pounds with hard work and clean eating to create long lasting results and healthy habits. He looks forward to helping you live fit!

Instagram: @markonestorovski

Fun Fact: Marko moved to the USA 5 years ago from Macedonia and can speak 5 languages.

Favorite Exercise: Hex Bar Deadlifts




Leanne is an NASM Certified Trainer who began her fitness career in 2011. She started in NYC as a personal trainer with Crunch, and taught small group function HIIT classes with Epic Hybrid Training and Adam Rosante's The People's Bootcamp. Now in Philadelphia, she runs a free outdoor boot camp called The Liberators and coaches at Fit Academy in Brewerytown. 

Leanne's training style is inspired by her background in gymnastics and aerial arts, obstacle course racing, and functional movement. She is certified in SGX Spartan Group Training, TRX Suspension & Rip Training, is a Road Runners Club of America Running Coach, and holds a Corrective Exercise Specialist certification from NASM. 

Instagram: @ldubbs84

Fun Fact: Leanne has a passion for circus arts and trains on the static and duo trapeze, aerial ropes, and silks!

Favorite Exercise: Pull-ups

Kyle Prescott KB ATH LV 1


Kyle is a performance coach who takes a holistic approach to training. He not only pushes you to achieve peak performance physically but also challenges you mentally as a current graduate student in Sport/Performance Psychology.

A life of athletics has molded him into the trainer he is today and he incorporates dynamic multi-joint movements along with HIIT training to help you unleash your inner athlete.

Instagram: @kpthestar

Fun Fact: Kyle is known to tear up a dance circle when needed.

Favorite Exercise: Vertical Jump

Malik Jones KB ATH LV 1


Malik is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and an ACE Functional Training Specialist. He is dedicated to motivating and inspiring his clients, and has a deep interest in understanding how to move more efficiently and pain-free.

Get in the gym with Malik, and clients can expect a wide variety of functional workouts that will help them lose fat, build muscle, and improve posture. Clients won’t just be lifting weights and working on the cardio machines, they’ll be getting it in with kettle bells, sandbags, medicine balls, and challenging themselves with new movements. Beyond that, clients can expect improvements in confidence, mindset, and perspective. Malik focuses not only on training the body, but also the mind, and he pushes his clients to be their absolute best!

Instagram: @tripletnumerouno

Fun Fact: Malik does Latin dance (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue) and he was on a Latin dance team at UPenn.

Favorite Exercise: Sandbag Clean & Squat

Ahmad Jones KB ATH LV 1


Ahmad is an ACE Certified trainer who loves to have fun and push you to be your best self. Ahmad got his start in the fitness industry when he began organizing and running large scale fitness bootcamps while he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania. He loves making fitness a fun and enjoyable experience that pushes your limits and makes you a stronger, more functional, and fitter person.

Ahmad’s training style draws inspiration from years of athletic experience and training, allowing him to create a variety of different ways for clients to achieve their goals. If you see Ahmad around the studio, be sure to say hello!

Instagram: @the_middleman_

Fun Fact: Ahmad has lived in Brazil and speaks Portuguese.

Favorite Exercise: Medicine Ball Slams

Khalil Jones KB ATH LV 1


Khalil Jones is an ACE certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. As a former athlete, he loves creating a dynamic team environment with his clients, often working out with them and pushing them to break through their limits. His training motto is “lit and fit,” and he embodies this by turning workouts and the gym into a party. Whether it’s cranking out pull-ups while blasting the latest radio hits or doing a quick dance move between sets, Khalil is always down to have some fun.

Instagram: @khalil.forreal

Fun Fact: Khalil and his family were on Family Feud in 2016.

Favorite Exercise: Handstands

Adam De Lucia NASM – CPT/FNS


Adam is a NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. He has had a passion for fitness/nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle for nearly a decade now. Adam began his journey in the fitness industry at F45 Training, teaching intense HIIT based workouts. From there he moved onto hosting his own pop-up bootcamps in Horsham, PA.

Adam loves to mix-up his training style with resistance training, HIIT, bodyweight, kettlebells, sandbags, sliders, heavy bands or time under tension technique. Mobility is also a huge part of his training, helping clients to have pain-free workouts and move better on a daily basis. His philosophy is “look better, move better, and FEEL BETTER”.

Instagram: @addystrongfitness

Fun Fact: Can play guitar, bass, drums and has played in several rock bands in the past.

Favorite Exercise: Bodyweight or weighted Pull-ups.

Parris Schoonmaker

Front desk

Parris is a student at the Community College of Philadelphia studying healthcare sciences. She is committed to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle while working towards a degree that will help improve her knowledge of health and fitness.

Instagram: @parris_allissa

Fun Fact: Parris enjoys cooking all different types of food and is always excited to try new things.

Join Our Team!

We're looking for talented, engaging, and dynamic certified fitness professionals to become a part of Fit Academy. We have a team mindset in our approach to work. Everyone can help each other as we all work towards our common goal of building a diverse fitness community! If you are interested in joining our team, send us a message with the subject, "Become a Fit Academy Coach", and we will reach out to you. 

We are looking for coaches who:

  • Live the Lifestyle (In great shape, Social, and Positive mindset)

  • Have an engaging personality, great communication, and be passionate about helping people

  • Certified through an accredited institution (ACE, NASM, etc)

  • Must be active on social media and enhancing the brand

  • Have experience doing both group training and personal training

  • Must be continuously learning something new (not just fitness)

Jobs Available

Coach - Certified personal trainers with experience with multiple fitness modalities from functional movement, sports training, group fitness, kettlebell, TRX, Yoga, and HIIT. Other specialties will also be considered.

Intern - Our catch all position getting a first had experience of small business entrepreneurship. Focus will be on sales, marketing, operations, event planning, etc! 

Receptionist  - Responsible for being one of the main faces of the company! Always smiling and having a positive attitude. Responsibilities include customer service, sign in, managing the MindBody software, facility management, etc.